14th October Andenne Offensive

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14th October Andenne Offensive Empty 14th October Andenne Offensive

Post  Moortz on Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:15 pm

Jerry attacking all over the map.

Left Eghezee FB in a Churchill 3 heading towards Andenne to help with the attack. As I left the road, I noticed a stack of crates with a German flag draped over them. I recognised this as one of those new FRU's, and opened fire with my co-ax. A single German infantry man fell out, dead, and the FRU was no more. I waited around listening for the tell tale sounds of more enemy infantry, but there were none.

As I started her up and continued NE, towards the woods that cover the hill in that direction, I noticed a flash from the edge of the trees. Full braking stop, and swung her over to see what it was. An 88, parked directly behind a tree, pointing in my direction.

We stared each other down for a while. He couldn't hit me as the tree blocked his view, but equally I couldn't hit him fully. I opened up at 800 m with HE, AP and co-ax MG, killing the commander and damaging the gun. After a few seconds, and no movement from the 88's crew, I started the engine and crawled towards the smoking 88.

A loud bang showed me the gunner was still alive, and capable of firing, so I opened up with the rest of my HE and co-ax fire, showering the area. Again after a few seconds, I relented my fire to survey the damage.

The scorched and pock marked tree showed the effects of my barrage. Then, 'WHUMP', another 88 shell launched from the gun, landing well near 100m to my east. A second shot hit the tree again.

I rolled forward full speed, thinking if I got closer I could take out this persistant gunner and end this duel. A full braking stop and third barrage of HE, AP and MG. This time, I heard a clang and turned around just in time to see a Jerry Sapper laying charges on my tracks. I had to assume the 88 was dead, and sparked the engine up to get away from this bloody Jerry. As I pulled in front of the 88, a massive <CLANG> told me that the 88 was still firing, and I was hit in the track. A second shot took out my gunner, and we abandoned the tank.


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