15th October Paal Defence

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15th October Paal Defence Empty 15th October Paal Defence

Post  Moortz on Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:58 pm

3 tank troop, 2 Churchill VII's and a Cru III headed from Mol FB down to intercept enemy tanks approaching Paal.

Cru III spotted enemy Pz IVG heading out of trees, but we lost vis. Searching for the IVG, we found a Pz III (H) climbing a hill south of us. It was engaged with several long range volleys, finally falling to my colleague in the other Churchill.

Then we saw the IVG again cresting the hill near Paal bridge.

Myself and the other Churchill engaged this IVg, three or more shots hitting it directly on the turret and side, from 1000+ yards, causing it to brew up and explode. A second IVG came up to assist, I hit this one several times and although smoke poured out of the rear compartment, it kept on coming. A second light tank (Pz IIc) pulled behind it, and a single AP shot destroyed it completely from 900 yards.

The IVG kept coming and attempted to ram me, I flanked it easily, tracking it with HE and finishing it off with a single AP shot from about 20yds.

Low on ammo, and missing the Crusader in all the excitement, we headed back for Mol Forward base, jsut as it fell into enemy hands.

We turned to Geel, heading for the relative safety of the river bank when we were engaged by a sixth tank, a IVG again. I managed to distract it with HE shots, and he eventually disengaged to the north.

Finally another IVG approached us directly from the FB, pulling within 500yds of our position and tracking us both. Again, I attempted to distract the IVG's gunner while the other Churchill engaged him with AP, destroying him and causing a small explosion.

At this point we abandoned our damaged tanks and headed back to the saftey of Geel on foot.


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