14 October - Flavion Defense

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14 October  - Flavion Defense Empty 14 October - Flavion Defense

Post  Moortz on Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:25 pm

Ponied up a Sherman 76 from the French stores, and headed out into the wooded hill south east to find a good spot to set up - spotters had seen tigers coming over the hill to the east.

Suddenly, there were reports coming in of large concentrations of enemy soldiers racing through the field to my north.

Sure enough, swinging the big gun round I saw first one, then two, then several ei's racing through the bushes. I began spraying the MG around, catching two of the enemy soldiers in a grim dance of death.

I radioed for support, as I was aware I was acutely vulnerable here on the hill, but the enemy kept coming to my north and running straight into town. One chap crawled into a bush, and I heard his scream as I sprayed it with machine gun fire.

More and more enemy ran through the trees to the north, and it was just like a turkey shoot mowing them down.

Next thing I know, I have a Jerry Sapper crawling about under the tank - he managed to place a charge and blew my gun, so I started the engine and withdrew down the hill, towards the enemy positions. I could see this jerry chasing him, and I knew I had my .30 facing out front, so I swung the tank round and pointed it at him. this meant I was now facing up hill, and this guy dived behind me and carried on chasing me. I could see him getting worn out and radiod my position to the chaps nearer town. Finally, a friendly Panhard appeared and gunned the enemy sapper down.

I drove into town, where I heard the news that the enemy attack had been called off.



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