24th October. Leuze-Ath Forward Base attack.

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24th October.  Leuze-Ath Forward Base attack. Empty 24th October. Leuze-Ath Forward Base attack.

Post  Moortz on Mon Oct 25, 2010 10:11 am

04:00. 'Charlie' Troop advanced to enemy staging post approx 5 miles east of Leuze. AAA battery and enemy panzers were active at the Forward Base. We lost a Daimler A/C to enemy fire, followed by a Cruiser tank and a Churchill 3. Infantry positions pulled back to regroup.

06:00. Second wave. 'Baker' Troop approached cautiously from the south and south west, consisting of our Church III, another Church and another light cruiser. Several enemy tanks appeared out of the dawn, and took out B Troop leader and the light tank stood no chance. Luckily I had a good position south of the FB. 2 Panzers tried to flank my position to the west, but I was closer than they thought and I got off 2 solid hits on the lead tank (a Pz IVD) at about 800 yds, tracking him. He was still firing blindly, as a support panzer (probably a IIC) skirted him at about 1000 yds and I was pleased to get a single tracking shot on target, completely destroying the Pz II.

Checking around for more targets, I noticed the IVD's turret still turning, so I popped another couple of rounds into his turret, then one in his ammo store sent the whole thing up in a massive explosion.

By now, I reckoned my cover was blown, but Jerry was still bringing up AAA guns north of my position. I fired some HE rounds to discourage them further, when I noticed a single Jerry soldier running across a field to my North East. Sappers! Not wishing to disappoint the brave Jerry, I dispatched him with my co-ax MG, and withdrew from the position.

As I headed back to the relative safety of some abandoned farm buildings a mile east of the town, I came under fire from a concealed position approx 1200 yds to the north. I managed to turn into the direction of the shot although we had taken damage to the left clutch, but I could not get a visual on the enemy.

By now, the sun was up and friendly patrols had started scouting the area. We kept taking constant incoming fire from this position (which judging by the lack of effect on the Church's armour was probably a light AT gun) until finally the gun fell silent.

As I scanned around my position, I noticed a Jerry staging post had been built right next to the building I was parked near! I dispatched it with a single HE round, and we abandoned the tank to the rescue crews.



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