17th October - Flavion Defense

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17th October - Flavion Defense Empty 17th October - Flavion Defense

Post  Moortz on Sun Oct 17, 2010 9:22 pm

Large Jerry push has left northern forces nearly cut off. In the south, pressure on Anhee and Flavion looked to burst through our southern flank.

Took a Crusader III from Anhee - some enemy infantry hiding out to the west of town took a pot shot as I left town, seriously wounding the commander. Luckily the flow of blood stopped and we were able to continue, after a few minutes scouting around for these enemy soldiers with no joy.

Terrible losses at Diest to the north were coming over the radio (Jerry going for the cut off north) bad news! The enemy to the south of my position had established a new forward base to continue operations against Flavion, so I got us into a good position flanking the road that runs east/west from Flavion. I was about 500 yds out and well camoflauged to the west, hoping for a juicy IVG or Tiger to come down the road.

Unfortunately, all I saw was a single enemy soldier. He was bound to give my position away, so I took him out with the co-ax from 600 yards.

Decided to hang around, in case he hadn't seen me, but sure enough a few minutes later a Jerry sapper comes strolling up and blew the fuel tank, killing the crew and destroying the tank.


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