First Blood at Rozoy!

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First Blood at Rozoy! Empty First Blood at Rozoy!

Post  Moortz on Fri May 27, 2011 11:15 pm

A13 from Aubenton to Rozoy to interdict enemy armour coming from Chamount FB.

Picked a juicy spot, first to trundle into my sights was a Pz 38t. Took a few hits to rear quarter before flaming up nicely with a shot to the middle.

The next victim was a IVD, luckily for him he was a good 800m from me when I spotted him off road, and slipping behind berms and bushes. He finally popped into view about 400m from me, side on, through some trees to the east. A couple of pops got his engine smoking brown, and I finally nailed the sweet spot and he brewed up nicely.

A couple of 232's came scouting around, and although I heard more ET's around, these were the only two I had shots at, killing them both. Finally tank was taken out by a sneaky 4D, I missed the audio due to our friends in the air Smile

4 Kills, Miss Res KIA Sad


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