23rd November. Defense of Le Quesnoy

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23rd November. Defense of Le Quesnoy Empty 23rd November. Defense of Le Quesnoy

Post  Moortz on Wed Nov 24, 2010 11:33 am

finally got my hands on one of these new Crusader III's. Heard reports of enemy armour approaching le Quesnoy from the south east, so we headed out from Solesmes to try and interdict.

Got to the edge of Solesmes wood, but the visibility was poor. We heard several enemy tanks and briefly spotted a Pz IIIH and a halftrack making their way through the bushes about 1000yds away, but we had no shot.

We moved up into a clump of trees a bit nearer the Jerry lines, and I noticed a couple of square-heads trying desperately to set up a 75mm ATG on my flank! We loaded HE and let them have a few shots, plus some AP shots to the gun to knock it out of action. We decided it would be better not to stick around, as where there is one jerry there are usually several! Moving closer to Le Quesnoy, another half track zoomed past me and behind some berms. I radioed his position to the several ATG's and ET's set up east of town, and moved forward.

My platoon leader radioed a possible enemy position to me, and I noticed several tracer rounds coming from the location so I moved closer. Sure enough, there was the top half of a Pz IIIH, shooting into the town blindly with MG. Two 6 lbr AP rounds smacked into his tank, and a satisfying explosion told me that tank was out of action.

Jerry pulled back a few minutes later, and I returned the Crusader III to the AB.


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