Lille Defence

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Lille Defence

Post  Moortz on Sat Sep 22, 2012 12:20 am

Left Seclin AF in Crusader III, to intercept enemy armour moving from their forward base.

After stopping about 1.6 km from the base, I heard engine noises and witnessed a Pz III and Skfz 232 heading in my direction.

Luckily I had stopped in cover, and was able to despatch the 232 and Pz without them seeing me.

I continued into town, helping to clear a building of enemy infantry, and running slap bang in to a german ATG on the way.

My commander was sniped at some point, so I headed back to the AB. On the way, I came across a german mortar setting up, and as I brought the Besa round to kill him he ran straight into another 232. I only had HE loaded, so I gave it him and his wheels blew off before finishing off the enemy mortar position and returning to base.


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