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The Bridge of Maastricht Empty The Bridge of Maastricht

Post  Moortz on Mon Nov 07, 2011 1:46 pm

Logged in last night ostensibly for some tank action - no sappers left to help Rubbish with his FB bust, so I thought I'd find something to do for a few minutes while he busted it.

There was a DO on the destroyed Maastricht bridge, and our FB was quite nearby, so I thought I'd run a fru out and get it fixed.

Grabbing my toolpack and some girders, I jogged out to the bridge, to be greeted by the dead body of some other poor engineer slumped over the bridge.

The axis must have been trying hard to keep this bridge down, so I set out my resupply unit in a handy bush and began fixing the bridge.

Luckily, as I was running back to my supply of girders, I heard the low drone of an enemy bomber, and a lone Stuka fell out of the bright blue sky and delivered it's deadly package of bombs right where I had been only moments before!

It took about 15 minutes of heavy girder action to repair this new damage, but finally the bridge was up and usable - but of course, a bridge runs both ways, and I heard the unmistakable rattle of an Opel truck over the east side of the river.

Luckily I had packed my Boyes Anti-Tank Rifle, and as the Opel crested the bridge onto allied territory I spanked him with a powerful blow, seizing his engine and causing him to career off into the woods to the east.

At this point another Stuka appeared, determined to ruin my hard work and proceeded to bomb my bridge!

Another Opel turned up, amazingly he set up right on the east bank of the river, in full view of my position. I waited until he had set up his little forward position, before killing him and destroying his little set up.

I then proceeded to continue fixing the bridge, when more Stukas and 110's appeared, and pretty soon they had destroyed the bridge completely.

not to be disheartened, I rallied some AAA from the nearby british base, and continued fixing the bridge.

Several times british recruits turned up, all pointing their rifles at bushes and shooting at the Stukas. I politely shooed them away, or asked them to operate a Bofors at the nearby forward base.

As I continued to repair the bridge, I was amazed to see a Tiger crawling up the road towards the bridge! this was a chance not to be missed, and I grabbed some satchels and headed for the waters edge about 300m away from the bridge. Just before I took my shoes off, I noticed another little Jerry fellow making his way across the ruined bridge, and he was dispatched with two shots at 300m.

The Tiger had now driven right up to the edge of the bridge, and he was engrossed in searching for me directly across the river, and had no view of me swimming across. I crept up behind him, and despatched him with three satchel charges. I then set up my resupply unit on the Jerry side of the river, and continued fixing the bridge.

Another recruit (a doctor by all accounts) appeared on my side of the river, and began running towards the enemy held town! i tried to call him back, but he kept going, running right into an enemy truck that was approaching the bridge!

Grabbing my trusty Boyes, I shot the wheels off the Opel, avenging the death of poor Dr. Pepper, may he rest in peace. I continued my repair work, and was nearly finished when another Opel pulled up about 400m away from me. Sure enough, a Jerry jumped out and began setting up a little forward base. I again waited until he finished, and shot him dead, and destroyed his base.

I was expecting more Jerry, and sure enough the next vehicle to appear was a 232. I smoked his engine at 300m, and after peppering his turret with .55 inch rounds, he soon pissed off.

Now Herr Goering was back on the case, and more stukas came and started dropping bombs on the west side of the bridge! Luckily I was out on the east side, but a damn Stuka tried to strafe me, a stray round hitting my supply of girders! I was mad, and started shooting at him with my Boyes. he panicked, pulling hard into a turn (maybe he thought I was a Spitfire!) and amazingly he dropped a wing into a tree, exploding in a ball of flame!

With 15 minutes work left, I expected more trouble, and shipped another box of supplies over and got to work. Eventually I got the bridge back up and running, and headed back to the barracks.

Confirmed Kills -

enemy Sapper
enemy Mortar
enemy Rifleman

Damaged units -

Bridge rebuilt completely in about an hour.



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