Sedan Defence!

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Sedan Defence!

Post  Moortz on Mon Aug 15, 2011 2:47 pm

Left Charleveille in Matilda II, heading for Sedan. Enemy forces streaming in from N and NE side of town, I was tasked with providing armoured support at the bridges west of Sedan.

Upon arriving at the bridges, found them both blown. Continued on river road North/North East and set up on the river bank looking up at the tree line north.

First contact was with enemy PaK 38 ATG set up about 2km E firing into the AB. Spotted and marked for friendly air, took a few pot shots but the distance was too great.

Friendly forces in the woods reported a halftrack towing guns into position, and sure enough a few minutes later I saw another PaK 38 setting up, followed by two 88's and a FlaK 40. Luckily the 88's couldn't get elevation to hit me, and I soon dispatched them all with MG and AP fire.

Another 2 guns then set up a few minutes later, and were also summarily despatched. finally, enemy infantry began to pour out of the woods down the hill towards my position, and 4 of them were taken out with MG fire. After that, nothing came out of the north woods any more.

Drove into town for resupply, ran in to more enemy infantry but friendly french troops kept them off me long enough to RTB at Sedan armybase.


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