20 May - Last stand at Abbeville

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20 May - Last stand at Abbeville Empty 20 May - Last stand at Abbeville

Post  Moortz on Sat May 21, 2011 12:34 pm

German forces pushed all the way to the French coast. Allied forces withdrawing by sea from the ports of Le Touquet and Le Crotoy, while a small French force held out at Abbeville.

The last Churchill III on French soil left Le Crotoy and headed out to Abbeville, after reports of enemy armoured columns approaching the Airfield.

As 'Indomitable' trundled on through the village of Benay, the commander spotted an enemy truck parked some way out south of the town. Partially hidden by trees, the Opel was unable to be targeted successfully by the tanks gunner, and moved away towards a french staging post between Benay and Abbeville.

The commander ordered the tank at full speed to the forward base, and sure enough there was parked the Opel with a single enemy engineer setting charges. The enemy units were engaged with MG and HE fire, and destroyed.

The tank proceeded towards the airfield, encountering some enemy infantry and a German Resupply Unit, before other armoured forces had cleared the perimeter of enemy armour. Indomitable took up position east of the airfield, and was credited with a single Stug III G kill (which was destroyed after taking hits to track and engine).

Unfortunately Abbeville, Le Crotoy and Le Touqet were soon to be overran by the German forces, and although England remained free, the rest of Europe was lost...


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