9 May. Counter Attack at Lokeren

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9 May. Counter Attack at Lokeren Empty 9 May. Counter Attack at Lokeren

Post  Moortz on Tue May 10, 2011 12:19 pm

left St Nik AB in a Cru III heading for enemy interdiction between the Lokeren/Dendermonde road.

Stopped several times en route to check for audio (learning lessons from previous missions!). At about 2km from the enemy forward base, I noticed enemy ahead and firing off to our right. On closer inspection, it was a Tiger. Radioed in the position, he was about 1200yds ahead, so we began a full forward speed charge to get within 500yds for a flanking shot. As we approached the Tiger, he began to reverse, and as we moved into a firing position at about 500yds the Tiger did a smart 180 turn and began heading back to his Forward Base.

Although the enemy Panzer was partially hidden by trees, we fired three quick rounds into the Tigers rear quarter, causing the engine to smoke. A fourth hit broke the left track, unfortunately causing the Tiger to spin anti-clockwise towards our position. The engine was gunned and we reversed quickly as the Tiger began to spew 88mm shells in our direction - seemingly High Explosive rounds. We returned fire as we retreated, aiming at the gun and commander position, until a lucky blow from the Tiger took off our left track. The enemy tank began to spew smoke and the crew must have bailed out as the firing stopped. We also bailed out of our damaged track and tried to head back to Lokeren.

Kills: 1 Panzer Mk VI (Tiger)
Result: MIA


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