21 March - Ambush at Velbert

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21 March - Ambush at Velbert Empty 21 March - Ambush at Velbert

Post  Moortz on Tue Mar 29, 2011 10:19 am

Crusader III 'Irksome' headed out from Dusseldorf forward base, tasked with interdiction of enemy armoured assets heading south from Velbert to attack friendly french forces stationed in Vohwinkle.

After a few minutes travelling, we encountered a bizarre French AT vehicle, seeminlgy made from an Anti-tank gun bolted to the back of a truck. We acknowledeged each other, and in broken english the driver suggested I move up a few hundred metres further north of him, where enemy tanks had been spotted.

I moved up, and took position in some trees behind a bank of earth. Soon enough, I heard the ominous rumble of heavy enemy tanks. Spotted the first one, a Stug III G at around 700 yds. Two shots hit his rear quarter, causing smoke and a broken track. 3 minutes later, a Pz IVG broke through some bushes to our left at about 200 yds. A hit with a single AP round caused a massive explosion, blowing his turret off.

A couple of enemy trucks came through, and I left those to my French comrade to take out, also missing the chance on a light grey panzer (probably a IIIF) that was just a little too far out.

There was some chatter over the radio of enemy infantry in the woods to our north, but we stuck it out for a bit longer, seeing another IVG at around 600yds come barreling along the road. 2 or 3 AP shots caused his engine to give up, and he stopped pretty sharpish and began scanning around with his turret. I waited until he was looking in the wrong direction, and hit him in the rear third again causing a catastrophic explosion!

Our final kill of the day came when a second StuG left his forward base, probably looking for us now in the woods. he came straight towards our position, and I was sure we had been spotted but at the last minute he turned full flank on us and headed south, unfortunately presenting us a perfect shot on his sweet spot. He brewed up nicely, but I was now very sure we had been spotted and we withdrew to the north of the woods. unfortunately straight in to the view of a waiting StuG, who took his revenge on our poor tank killing the entire crew and destorying the Crusader...


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