31 Jan. Attack at Bouillon

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31 Jan. Attack at Bouillon Empty 31 Jan. Attack at Bouillon

Post  Moortz on Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:39 am

9th RTR involved in small scrap for a german forward base a couple of miles North East of Sedan.

2 Matildas arrived on crest of S hill to support friendly troops attacking German forward base. 2 German Armoured Scout Cars were encountered, one destroyed with several hits at 800m+, second one destroyed with single hit to turret at 400m. 232's 20mm gun unable to penetrate Matties armour. As first Matilda moved up over the crest of the hill to support the troops, it was hit by 88mm FlaK gun and abandonded.

Second Matilda arrived some time after, taking up a defensive position on reverse slope. Single enemy Panzer IVD was spotted on the road heading towards Sedan, as he broke off the road and as he crested the hill he was hit twice in the track area, one hit to rear destroying engine and second shot causing the enemy tank to 'brew up' and explode.

Friendly infantry pulled back shortly after, forcing armour to move back to take up defensive positions at Sedan.


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