26th November. Zeebrugee Defense

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26th November. Zeebrugee Defense Empty 26th November. Zeebrugee Defense

Post  Moortz on Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:37 am

Jerry is pushing for the coast, aiming to take and hold the ports, presumably for an attack on England.

Knokke and Zeebrugge came under heavy shelling from enemy destroyers, German armour was firmly entrenched at Heist Airfield. Enemy forces were surrounding Zeebrugge, and the orders from HC were to hold the town at all costs. There would be no retreat. There would be no surrender.

The motor pool and barracks at Brugge were nearly deserted, a few trucks and a solitary 6 lbr. I managed to find a driver, and we hitched up the ATG and set off up the north road to see what we could do about the masses of armour camped outside the town.

We came under heavy 88 shelling as we neared the town, and we unhitched the 6lbr and set up. Unfortunately the morris took a direct hit and was destroyed, but we managed to rig up some bush camo and set the 6lbr up pointing up the road.

A couple of Jerry trucks came past but no one noticed us, then finally a Pz IIC came out of the bushes, about 500yds away and trundled north on the road. It took a couple of shots to get the range, but finally we hit the lightly armoured tank and it gave a satisfying explosion!

a couple of 88's set up near the Jerry forward base must have noticed as they started shelling the area, but we moved up a few hundred yards and soon enough it stopped. the sounds of enemy tanks were all around, and we glimpsed the top half of a new Pz IVG approaching the bush line. Quick as a flash, we had the ATG moved round to where the Panzer would break through the bushes, and sure enough he breached the line in exactly the right place! A single shot right in the centre of the tank blew the turret right off.

The 88's seemed to have ranged us now, as the shelling got a lot closer, and we managed to return fire on the forward base with HE killing a german infantry man, but a direct hit on our gun rendered it useless and we had a long walk up to the town, which had now been successfully defended!

I had my revenge on the forward base a little while later, as we pressed on the forward base I managed to grenade a bofors gun or two before the forward base fell before we were called back to Dienze to repel an Axis attack on Aalter.


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