20th November. Cambrai Day! Defence of St Niklaas

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20th November. Cambrai Day! Defence of St Niklaas Empty 20th November. Cambrai Day! Defence of St Niklaas

Post  Moortz on Sun Nov 21, 2010 9:36 am

Drove a Cru II up from Lokeren. Many enemy tanks marked around the St Nik area, plus 88's in the woods to the south.

Managed to team up with one of the infantry lads and followed a StuG south of the town. Was suddenly aware of a Jerry truck about 800yds away, opened up with MG and the whole thing burst into flames!

More friendly infantry had infiltrated the woods, and one of them radioed me to inform me a Pz 38 was heading in my direction. Sure enough, trundling towards me was the Czech made tank. 2 hits into the turret, and the whole thing went up like a box of fireworks! this seemed to draw some attention towards me, and another Jerry truck came along carrying some infantry. They all jumped off, I managed to kill one of them with co-ax MG before destroying the truck, the other enemy soldiers were taken out by a Bren gun near their position.

We had lost the StuG, but I knew he was out there somewhere, when someone called out a grey tank on the east road shooting at the buildings. Gunned the engine and headed for the road, coming out smack bang between 2 more Pz 38's! I hit the one closest to town first, taking fire from the one behind me and losing my commander. The Pz exploded, and I turned the turret around to face the one behind me. A single AP shot into the turret of the enemy tank caused a massive explosion, but we had lost a track in the firefight. Stuck around for about 20 more minutes, coming under fire (and returning fire) from a Stuka before we came under determined attack from small arms fire and abandoned the tank.

3 x Pz38(T)
2 x Opel
1 x Enemy LMG


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