18th November. Blitzkreig.

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18th November.  Blitzkreig. Empty 18th November. Blitzkreig.

Post  Moortz on Fri Nov 19, 2010 10:00 am

Axis forces rolling west, it seems the allieds are unable to organise a defense at the moment.

Bavay was under heavy attack, and 9RTR were sent up to cut off the road to the east. 'A' troop set off, losing a Cru II early on in the attack. Enemy panzers had been sighted in the woods south of the town, and I headed to their positions.

A Stug IIIB and a Pz IIIH were in position firing north, and I moved quietly in behind them. opened up on the Stug, smoking his engine, and turned to hit the IIIH at around 800 yds. Again, smoke poured from the engine compartment, but he turned and began returning fire. We withdrew the Cru II to a safe position, before heading east out of the woods and into the road area.

As we were moving into position south of the east road, saw a PzIVD ahead and did a full braking stop, popped off a few AP rounds but no discernible damage was caused to the enemy tank. Saw him looking around, and heard an engine noise to the east - a SdKfz 232 recon armoured car was approaching at full speed towards me. Managed to rotate the turret and kill the 232, but the noise alerted the IVD and he destroyed my tank.

Returned 30 mins later in a Mattie, but Axis had pulled back and were now attacking Lier hard.

9RTR relocated to Mechelen, and I brought a Mattie up from the rear town to attack enemy armoured forces west of Lier.

Unfortunately, allied forces were reeling from the relentless attacks, and poor comms meant I drove my Mattie straight into a waiting 88. Gunner and Commander killed outright. Grabbing a rifle, I avenged myself on several Jerry infantry, before getting the call to bring another tank up.

no Matties left, so I grabbed a Cru II and headed for the armybase, where enemy tanks were blocking the exits and taking out all friendly forces in the town.

I got so close, spitting distance of a PzIIIH who was hull down. foolishly, I tried to plant AP rounds in his turret but they bounced off. I gunned the engine, trying to get a flank shot over the berm but he turned and hit me with a single round, completely destroying my tank.

Lost 2 Crusader II tanks and 1 Matilda, for the gain of 1 232. A poor nights effort, in all 4 other tanks were hit from ranges >800 yds. 2 lbr gun not effective at these ranges, also Cru II armour is insufficient against the IIIH. Waiting for the Cru III to arrive, with the 6lbr and some more armour!!

On reflection,


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