16th November La Capelle/Wavre Defense!

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16th November La Capelle/Wavre Defense! Empty 16th November La Capelle/Wavre Defense!

Post  Moortz on Wed Nov 17, 2010 9:28 am

Ordered a defensive mission from Trelon and grabbed an A15 to cut off enemy armour approaching La Capelle from the east.

There were many reports of enemy tanks in the woods north east of the town, and it took about 20 minutes of stopping and starting to finally creep closer to the edge of the woods overlooking the main road.

As my A15 crested a berm I heard the clatter/clank of an enemy panzer. Straight on the gun sight and there he was, a StuG B coasting along full whack about 200 yds away.

First shot was high, second one hit his engine causing brown smoke and the StuG to lurch 45 degrees towards me. I knew I needed to hit him quick to stop him reporting my position, and the next two shots hit him in the lower hull, causing a massive explosion.

Further allied attrition prevented any more panzers heading my way, and unfortunately on the way back my A15 collided with a tree and tipped up, and the tank was abandoned.

We got back to town just as the enemy attack was cancelled, and it seemed Jerry was playing silly buggers as he immediately switched attack to Wavre.

Tankless, we commandeered a French Stuart and set off into the hills above Wavre. Enemy infantry were crawling around the fields and hills surrounding the town, and a Jerry scout party consisting of a 232, a truck and some rifles were soon dispatched, our little Stuart tank helping out with the 232 and killing the truck and infantry. Soon the Wavre attack was also withdrawn, and Jerry moved on elsewhere...


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