12 November Defence of Tienen

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12 November Defence of Tienen Empty 12 November Defence of Tienen

Post  Moortz on Sat Nov 13, 2010 2:03 am

One solitary Matilda was left under the rain sodden tent a few miles west of Jodoigne. The crew were tired and weary as I commandeered their vehicle and set off on the long drive north-east to attack the enemy lines engaging our forces to the south of Tienen.

This time we had a rider, a young Sapper who came along to keep us company on this long journey.

After a while we came to the woods just south-west of the town, and I sent the sapper ahead to scout for ET's. Another friendly patrol were skirting the north of the woods, and reported enemy panzers ahead.

Soon enough, an enemy scout car (232) came zooming towards me, and was swiftly despatched with a few less wheels and a mostly dead crew. Amazingly, a few minutes later a second 232 came through the wood in exactly the same place, and he had the misfortune to drive straight into a 2lbr AP shell.

A Pz IIIF was harrasing the Anti-Tank patrol to the north, and I was sent to provide heavy cover. A Vickers light tank ran straight into the Panzer, and he soon caused the crew to scramble for cover. I popped a couple of shots at him from about 800 yds, and he withdrew to a safer distance away from the battle.

A second Pz IIIF was cresting the hill parrallel to my east, at about 400 yds. It took a couple of well placed shots to slow him down, then a 4th shot right in the sweet spot to blow the turret right off.

The town was now crawling with enemy infantry, and I moved up still with my sapper friend scouting for me. A forward supply unit was spotted, and 3 enemy infantry sat there looking foolish got a full burst of co-ax MG for their troubles.

I moved into town, bidding farewell to my sapper friend (who I later found was MIA, a real shame) and driving smack bang into an enemy tank on the east road. Not sure who was most surprised, me or him, but I got the initiative with some good shots to the turret and tracks, spinning him. He fired ineffectually at me with his MG, and a French A/C got some flank shots on him, I think killing the crew. I continued firing into his battered tank, impressed with the armour at this short range (200yds).

I then drove the tank into the army base in Tienen, and we brewed up a lovely cup of tea.

2x 232s, 2 x Pz IIIF's. 3 infantry and a Pz IVD (shared)


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