7th November. Tank Tussle at Hirson!

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7th November.  Tank Tussle at Hirson! Empty 7th November. Tank Tussle at Hirson!

Post  Moortz on Mon Nov 08, 2010 12:20 am

managed to lose an A13 north of Aubenton to anti-tank infantry. Took Matilda up to try and hold west side of Aub, but noticed Hirson AB had been cut off by enemy armour heading south from Chimay FB.

SAw an enemy panzer (Mk IIIF) at 1200yds, and opened fire but no effect. The pzr crested a hill to the east, and disappeared from sight. Unable to give chase, I took up an ambush position and waited for his reinforcements.

They came soon, but instead of taking the same path as his mate, this one went South-East, leaving me no shot as he was always moving away from me.

I let that one go, hoping for another fish to come along. It did, but in the form of a friendly Vickers. I was going to warn him about the ATRs/Sappers up ahead, but decided agaisnt it.

A bang and an enemy contact report. The vickers had driven straight into the Pz IIIF's ambush he had set on the reverse slope. Tricky German bastard! Unfortunately, he must have thought the Vickers was the only tank around, and he then proceeded to trot back towards me along the road. I waited for 100yds, and hit him three times in the wheels, mantle and turret. He couched brown smoke and stopped, and 2 more AP hits finished him off. He must have had time to radio my position in, as I cam under attack from an 88 to my north almost immediately, who hit my right track and spun me round luckily to face the ATG. not taking any chances, I bailed out of the tank and ran back to base for a Rescue.


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