6th November. Defeat at Givet!

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6th November.  Defeat at Givet! Empty 6th November. Defeat at Givet!

Post  Moortz on Sun Nov 07, 2010 3:00 am

At last, got my hands on a Matilda Mk II and headed north to try and intercept Jerry forces back dooring Givet from the west. After a 40 minute drive, the few soldiers left defending the town called for backup as enemy panzers were holding the bridge on my side.

Crested the hill and took out a Pz IIIF that was parked near the bridge. Unfortunately, he called in the long range 88's on the hill, and I was subjected to 10 minutes of constant barrage, until finally it stopped and I heard Jerry voices outside the tank - Sappers! Had to surrender as he took out my engine. crew posted MIA, the town fell shortly after.


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