5th November - Fireworks at Sambreville

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5th November - Fireworks at Sambreville Empty 5th November - Fireworks at Sambreville

Post  Moortz on Sat Nov 06, 2010 12:30 am

Sambreville under heavy attack from axis forces who have already broken through south of the line.

Two tank troop of A13 Cruiser type set off from Gembloux to protect and hold the bridge north of the town.

21:30. Enemy armour sighted north of woods. Further recon showed friendly Matilda advancing to cover enemy advances from Namur.

21:45. Crested ridge running parallel to river, saw two enemy tanks (pz 38 and Pz IVD) both under heavy fire and smoking, but still firing. Finished off the 38 from about 800yds, the IVD was about 1200 yds so full firing advance, he was soon finished off too.

22:00. Took up position just east of the hill to the north of the town, with good vis covering the hill, bridge and northernmost area of the town. A 232 was firing on the north depot, was taken out with several AP rounds to the rear and turret area.

22:05. Enemy infantry position spotted on hill to the west. Several enemy ionfantry grouping up there were taken out with co-ax MG fire. Second 232 crested hill about 500 yds away, and was also taken out with two AP shots, one to the turret and one in the central wheelarch area.

22:30. More infantry on hill, including high ranking officer organising a forward resuppply unit. Took out with AP and co-ax mg.

22:45. Attack starting to wear down. Two lone PZrs south of town, turned out to be toughened old StuGs. took out my track, had to escape out of the tank and high tail it to the town for a Rescue.

02:20. After a quick cup of tea adn ride home, we were given a new tank and told to go and intersect the Jerry armour leaving Namur. no sooner had we set up then along comes a half track carrying three 88's. Managed a quick shot off before he darted through the trees, but he left 1 88 behind which was damaged beyond repair.


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